About this site

I originally created this website to turn my new book Think South into a multimedia  experience for my readers. My story is an intimate account of the people and events behind the 1989-1990 International Trans-Antarctica Expedition, the first non-mechanized crossing of the continent and the longest ever.  I'm as delighted  as anyone to relive the remarkable tale and to discover that, from a twenty-five year lens, the story chronicles a unique time in world history and a wonderful cast of characters.  On this site you'll find "Cool Stuff" for readers of Think Southphotos and links that enrich and illustrate the story.   

More broadly, this site is a personal space for me to showcase a variety of current writing and skills: my book, my short-form essays, my photography and the writing and planning I do for my clients... all of them are short bursts of splendor in an ordinary life. 

About me

I have been a teacher, a public relations, marketing and communications executive, a writer and entrepreneur. My first company, Tiger by the Tail (TBT International - founded in 1987), managed the back-office functions of major expeditions and public events; my second company, OnlineClass (founded in 2005), was a pioneer in the then-nascent online education industry. I have recently retired as an assistant commissioner at the State of Minnesota and plan to divide my time between St. Paul, Minnesota and San Francisco, California.